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 Solar Backup Power System Setup

The TW-XP-SLB2 battery/charger station, an essential component of the Gastronics’ TW-XP-SLX Solar Backup Power System solves the problem of providing a 12/24 VDC Solar Supply in a Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Location. Choose from Gastronics TW-XP-SLXII (36A) and TW-XP-SLXM (13A) Solar Packages to support both fixed and deployable gas detection and alarms along with […]

Deployable Monitoring Station Certifications

Gastronics’ Deployable Monitoring Station is the ideal portable solution for monitoring toxic and combustible gas in hazardous environments. This stand-alone, versatile gas and flame monitoring station is suitable for use in Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations. The monitoring station is designed to be a plug and play quick install for easy deployment, and can […]

Deployable Monitoring Station Features

The Deployable Monitoring Station is a truly wireless gas detector that is explosion-proof certified. This device is 2008 certified ISO9001. It has many features to promote a safe work environment and is approved for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous zones. The components are interoperable, creating a system that fits your needs. Two-Way Radio Communication Between […]

Gastrac™ App: Create a Control Center for Your Gas Detection Management  

With traditional industrial toxic and flammable gas detection systems, you may have to check multiple monitors in multiple locations, get localized alert tones or warnings, and manually track maintenance. The new Gastrac™ app does all of this for you in one place for your gas detection management. You connect all of your gas detection sensors […]

Gastrac™ Security  

Gastrac™ is the revolutionary app that allows your company to track and monitor multiple gas sensors all in one platform. This is a remote application that can be accessible on the web, Android, or IOS. With so many ways to connect, we have built in the security to keep your personal and business data safe […]

Gastrac™ Features

In the oil and gas industry, safety is the number one priority for many businesses. Making sure you have real-time information on your gas detection system can prevent incidents from occurring. The Gastrac™ platform goes beyond traditional gas detection. With the Gastrac™ features, your team can monitor gas levels and sensor status all from a […]

Gastrac™ App Release

The new Gastrac™ app is now on the market. This program allows you to monitor alerts and equipment status in real time so you can take control of your gas sensor network.  How It Works  Gastrac™ is the leading app for smartphones and computers that offers live monitoring for the oil and gas industry. Gastrac™ […]

Detecting Hazardous Gases

Gases are used extensively around the world for a variety of reasons, but many possess properties that have the potential to cause harm to the health and safety of people if not managed effectively. Ranging from potential hazards such as flammability to asphyxiation and more health-related problems, gas detection systems and monitoring capabilities are vital […]

Gas Testing and Monitoring

Danger is a concept we face every day, both at work and in our personal lives. As adults, we encounter the dangers of toxic gases. But once discovered, it’s imperative that we learn quickly. We can also observe areas or activities, and through education, training, and detection solutions, can see if any potential danger exists […]

Reducing Manufacturing Plant Risks

Manufacturing plants can be a hazardous environment with multiple plant risks, and require safety measures to ensure operations run smoothly and all personnel are safe. Implementing an all-encompassing strategy to reduce accidents and maintain worker safety helps facilities stay productive and competitive.  Modern technology and machinery used in manufacturing facilities can collect a wealth of […]

Prioritizing Safety with Gas Detection

Major issues in health and safety have been a top priority for companies, but took a back seat in 2020 as budgets were stripped, initiatives were placed on hold and layoffs executed to avoid bankruptcy. Yet, research indicates that 2.78 million people still die each year of workplace accidents or conditions resulting in ill-health.  Protecting […]

TR-25 4-20mA Explosion-Proof Transmitter

TR-25 4-20mA Explosion-Proof transmitter is designed as a basic Pelistor or Infrared 4-20mA Explosion Proof Gas Transmitter for Combustible or CO2 Gases. Approved for CL1, Div. 2 standards, the instrument is 4-20mA loop powered signal output that requires no intrinsically safe barriers. This presents significant cost savings for companies when implemented and used in hazardous […]

Model SP2105 Dual ByPass Wet Scrubber Stack Monitor

The monitoring of toxic gases in wet stacks has always been a difficult task, and most Continuous Emissions specialists tend to avoid wet stack monitoring for that very reason. Over the years there have been many devices built, attempting to measure gases as chlorine from a wet scrubber stack, but inevitably end up becoming clogged […]

Deployable Monitoring Stations

True Wireless® is a deployable monitoring station for gas and flame detection, designed for stand-alone, Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. This system features a plug and play setup for quick and easy deployment.  The True Wireless® Model TW-XP Gas Monitor is approved for Class I, Division 1 Monitoring Stations for Gas & Flame Explosion […]

Solar Backup Power System (TW-XP-SLB2)

The Solar Backup Power System (TW-XP-SLB2) is a battery and charging system designed to be used with a 40/50 watt solar panel suitable for Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Locations. The system contains a SunSaver 6L PV Controller using advanced technology and series switching PWM charging. The battery charging process has been optimized for longer […]

Ammonia Gas Detection Monitoring

Ammonia is a well-known chemical used in household products, fertilizers and commercial and industrial refrigeration. While the chemical is widely distributed and commonly used, it can be very dangerous. Ammonia has a pungent order, highly reactive and corrosive. In its state of gas, ammonia has a lower density than air and is also flammable above […]

TW-XP Wireless Single Gas Transmitter

TW-XP wireless single gas transmitters sense toxic, combustible, and VOC gases in a variety of environments. TW-XP transmitters utilize sensor elements from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers to ensure versatility, quality, and performance. Sensor elements in TW-XP transmitters offer stability, longevity, response and recovery speed, resistance to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, chemical selectivity, poison […]

Telemetry and Its Importance

Telemetry is the gathering of data or measurements at remote points and the automatic transmission to receiving equipment for monitoring. A site-based telemetry system performs continuous monitoring of all gases. Giving gas distributors access to gas levels, tank pressure, and line pressure at user locations via the Internet or cloud-based system, telemetry centralizes reports, information, […]

The MPS Gas Detector for Combustible Gases

The MPS Gas Detector by Gastronics, Inc. is the next generation of gas detection and quantification for worker safety and leak detection in drilling, transportation, and production of oil and gas and chemical products. The smart sensor technology, with built-in environmental compensation for temperature, pressure, and humidity can detect and quantify most hydrocarbon gases. Gas […]

Understanding Gas Sensors

Gas detectors are devices utilized to provide warning when the presence of dangerous gases has surpassed its safety range with a variety of options to meet the demands of different gas monitoring applications. Gas sensors are a component of the device that specifically assists in the measurement of concentrations. Gas detection is the process of […]