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Gastrac™ App Release

The new Gastrac™ app is now on the market. This program allows you to monitor alerts and equipment status in real time so you can take control of your gas sensor network. 

How It Works 

Gastrac™ is the leading app for smartphones and computers that offers live monitoring for the oil and gas industry. Gastrac™ connects to your industrial toxic and flammable gas detection sensors to create an all-in-one command center. Once your sensors are connected to the app, Gastrac logs the history and analytics so you can identify any issues and will send you push notifications if there is an alarm. You can also view your sensors’ calibration and maintenance through the app. 


Reduce Downtime – With Gastrac™, you’ll be able to catch issues before they become safety hazards or incidents. This app allows you to manage your facility’s safety proactively so less time is spent on recovery after an incident. 

Improve Response Time & Increase Safety – Because Gastrac™ monitors your system 24/7, and sends instant notification alarms, you’ll be able to respond to alerts quickly. This will increase safety and minimize exposure to toxic or flammable gases, in turn protecting your facility and personnel.

Increase Productivity – The diagnostics feature on the Gastrac™ app not only monitors your sensors’ gas reading but also battery life, connectivity, and other maintenance-related issues. This helps cut back on the time it would take your team to identify the problem. Because of the command style platform, it compiles all of your system’s information in one place so you are able to manage multiple gas detection sensors without having to check numerous platforms. 

How To Get Started 

One of your team members will walk you through the process of setting up the Gastrac™ system and connecting your current sensors to the platform. If you are interested in implementing Gastrac™ as your remote gas detection system, contact us through our website here or give us a call at (216) 662-4899. 

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