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Wide Temp H2S Sensor Element

Cross Sensitivities at 20ºC

Gas Concentration Reading (ppm)
Ammonia 25 ppm 0
Carbon Dioxide 5,000 ppm 0
Carbon Monoxide 30 ppm 3
Hydrogen Chloride 1.0 ppm 0
Hydrocarbons 1% 0
Hydrogen 100 ppm 3
Hydrogen Cyanide 10 ppm 0
Nitrogen Dioxide 10 ppm -3
Sulfur Dioxide 20 ppm 0
Note: Interference factors may differ from sensor to sensor and with lifetime. Gastronics, Inc. deems the data contained herein is factual, and the opinions expressed are those of qualified experts based on the results of tests conducted. The above data cannot be used as a warranty provision or representation for which Gastronics assumes legal responsibility. The data is offered solely for consideration, investigation and verification.




  • +65°C Temperature Rating
  • Super Fast Response
  • 5 Year Life
  • Solid Electrolyte
  • Stable zero reading
  • Excellent repeatability
  • High reliability


Technical Specifications:

Measuring Range: 0-100 ppm
Sensitivity: 60-160nA/ppm
Zero Current at Normal Conditions: ± 20nA
Lower Detectable Limit: 1 ppm
Bias Potential: 0mV
Linearity:< 10% full scale

Response Time at 20°C
<10 seconds
t90: <30 seconds

Long Term Span Drift: <1% per month
Sensor Warm-Up Time: 1 min

Temperature Range: -40ºC to +65ºC
Humidity Range: 15 – 95% r.h., non-condensing

Effect of Temperature on Zero Current: no effect
Effects of Humidity on Zero Current: no effect
Sensor Life Expectancy: 5 years
Warranty: 24 months