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Real-Time Monitoring Alerts and Maintenance

The Gastrac™ is the leading smartphone and web application for real-time monitoring and alerts in the oil and gas industry. The system provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting of industrial toxic and flammable gas detection systems.

With Gastrac™, users can stay informed and in control of the gas sensor network at all times. Our application provides push notifications for any alarms that may occur, allowing you to take immediate action to ensure the safety of your facility and personnel.

Gastrac™ also keeps a history of all alarms and the personnel involved, making it easy to track incidents and identify potential issues. With real-time sensor monitoring, you can see exactly what is happening on your sensor network at any given time.



  • Real-time sensor monitoring
  • Push notifications for alarms
  • History of alarms and gas readings
  • Diagnostics
  • Smartphone alarms
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Connection monitoring
  • Flexible installations
  • Different user types
  • Monitor multiple systems and locations
  • Trend charts
  • Sensor calibration
  • Calibration reports


Your Data Security is Our Priority

Enhanced Authentication with JWT Security Tokens
Experience peace of mind with our advanced JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication system, ensuring only authorized users access your valuable data.

Cutting-Edge Partitioned Data Storage
Maximize your security with our partitioned data storages, specifically designed for private and secure use.

Robust 128-bit Encrypted Connections
Transmit your data with confidence, knowing all connections are safeguarded by 128-bit encryption technology, keeping your information secure at all times.

Fortified Password Protection with Salted Bcrypt 
Our salted Bcrypt encryption method securely stores passwords, providing and extra layer of defense against unauthorized intrusions.

Exclusive Private Network Installation
Enjoy complete control by installing Gastrac as a web application on your local server, isolating it within your private network for unparalleled protection.


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