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Gastrac™ Features

In the oil and gas industry, safety is the number one priority for many businesses. Making sure you have real-time information on your gas detection system can prevent incidents from occurring. The Gastrac™ platform goes beyond traditional gas detection. With the Gastrac™ features, your team can monitor gas levels and sensor status all from a single platform. This industry-leading remote smartphone or web app gives you peace of mind when it comes to industrial toxic and flammable gas detection. 

Gastrac™ App Features

Real-time sensor monitoring – With Gastrac™ you’ll be able to see the status of all the connected gas sensors from your phone without having to check each individual monitor.

Push notifications for alarms – The platform sends you instant alarms that are notifications to your phone or computer. This allows issues to be taken care of sooner.

History of alarms and gas readings – You can go back to see past readings and alarms. This helps catch patterns of issues to help update safety protocols. 

Diagnostics – Battery status, connectivity, and other issues are all monitored within the Gastrac™ app. 

Smartphone alarms – You can set different alarm tones for different types of alerts, such as drills, fire, and toxic and combustible gases. 

Available on multiple platforms – Your team can access Gastrac™ from Android or IOS, as well as, computer monitors. 

Connection monitoring – The app also monitors your internet connection and will alert you if there are any issues with connecting to the gas sensors.

Flexible installations – Gastrac™ can be run on a local server or in the cloud as a web application, depending on customer preference and security requirements. 

Different user types – You can choose what information and access certain employees have on the Gastrac™ system. 

Monitor multiple systems and locations – Many companies have facilities in different locations. With Gastrac™ you can monitor all locations remotely on one platform, creating a control center for your gas detection. 

Trend charts – Gastrac™ delivers detailed and easy-to-read analytic reports so you can pick up on trends with specific sensors or a location as a whole. 

Sensor calibration – Gastrac™ will calibrate your gas sensors regularly so they are all at peak performance. 

Calibration reports – You can make and track maintenance and calibration schedules and records within the app. 

Gastrac™ will give you full control of your gas sensor network. If you would like to set up Gastrac™ as your remote gas detection system for your business, contact us through our website here or give us a call at (216) 662-4899. 

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