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Gastrac™ Security  

Gastrac™ is the revolutionary app that allows your company to track and monitor multiple gas sensors all in one platform. This is a remote application that can be accessible on the web, Android, or IOS. With so many ways to connect, we have built in the security to keep your personal and business data safe and secure in the app. 

Gastrac™ Security Measures 

JWT Security Tokens – The Gastrac™ app lets you assign specific permissions to users, such as maintenance roles and manager roles. Our enhanced authentication system uses JSON Web Tokens to make sure employees are not accessing information outside of their granted permissions. This helps protect your data and allows employees to have the correct access. 

Partitioned Data Storage – Data partitioning, or data sharding, improves performance, scalability, and security.  Our data storage divides your data and stores the pieces independently that are designed for private and secure use.

128-Bit Encrypted Connection – This is one of the strongest encryption methods to date. It is commonly used by banking platforms and e-commerce transactions and provides maximum security. A 128 encryption is an algorithm that uses a 128-bit key to encrypt your data. 

Password Protection with Salted Bcrypt – This is a leading password protection system. The Bcrypt adds salt (random data) to your protected passwords in the data storage. This makes the system incredibly difficult to hack.

Choose Your Installation Method – Users have the option to customize installations based on preference and company security policies. Gastrac™ can be installed as a web app on the cloud or on a local server. It can also be completely isolated on a private network. 

Keeping your personal and business data safe is one of our top priorities and why we have implemented these security measures into the Gastrac™ platform. When you use the Gastrac™ app, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your company not only from toxic and flammable gases but on the digital side as well. To learn more about Gastrac™ security or how the app can help you streamline your gas detection systems, contact us through our website here or give us a call at (216) 662-4899. 

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