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Gastrac™ App: Create a Control Center for Your Gas Detection Management  

With traditional industrial toxic and flammable gas detection systems, you may have to check multiple monitors in multiple locations, get localized alert tones or warnings, and manually track maintenance. The new Gastrac™ app does all of this for you in one place for your gas detection management. You connect all of your gas detection sensors in multiple facilities to create a control center. 


Gastrac™ allows you to monitor all of your gas sensors remotely on one platform in real time. The app also alerts you instantly on your cell phone, laptop, and/or desktop. With Gastrac™, other software is not needed to track incidents and sensor history. The system records this data and provides comprehensive and customizable analytic reports and trend charts. 

Calibration and Maintenance 

With this platform, the gas detection sensor maintenance and calibration are managed within the app. The maintenance schedule is recorded and tracked. Gastrac™ sends up-to-date reports so you always know the status of your systems. Along with calibration, Gastrac™ also tracks battery status and connectivity and alerts you if a sensor goes offline. This helps you to identify issues or adjustments that need to be made within your gas sensor network. 

Admin and Multi-User 

Within the app, you can assign personnel to maintenance or other user types. This helps make the app easy to use because everyone sees the data they need. This is also a security feature to help protect your personal and business data.

By putting all of your gas detection information on one platform and creating a control center, you ensure the safety of your facility and personnel, while saving time and giving you peace of mind. Gastrac™ combines multiple software systems into one easy-to-use gas detection management platform.  If you would like to learn more about Gastrac™ and create a remote gas detection network that lets you take control, give us a call at (216) 662-4899 or contact us through our website here. 

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