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TW-XP Wireless Single Gas Transmitter

TW-XP wireless single gas transmitters sense toxic, combustible, and VOC gases in a variety of environments. TW-XP transmitters utilize sensor elements from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers to ensure versatility, quality, and performance.

Sensor elements in TW-XP transmitters offer stability, longevity, response and recovery speed, resistance to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, chemical selectivity, poison resistance, linearity, repeatability, warm-up time, and alertness. The transmitter features a durable stainless housing with data logging capabilities and an RT clock. The device comes in four options: 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, UHF or UHV radio.

Ideal for hazardous locations, the transmitter has non-intrusive calibration, fast warm-up time, and independent dual sensors. To ensure proper maintenance, the TW-XP has a manual loop/alarm test, while also featuring a STEL alarm calculation for optimal safety. 

The TW-XP transmitter also has an independent zero and span, dual relay alarm outputs, and an optional 5-relay board. Dual AUX analog inputs, digital input, IRDA data download are all benefits of this instrument as well. 

It is versatile as it has a common board featuring various configurations, multiple radio options, AUX inputs and accepts a slave board to enable up to 5 relays and a 24V power supply board. Its durability is ensured as all transmitters are housed in an electropolished 316 stainless steel enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments. 

Service and delivery are stress-free as Gastronics maintains a large inventory of boards, sensors and housing, with replacement sensors generally shipping 1 to 2 days. In the event of an emergency, packages will be hand-delivered to the FedEx office. 
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