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Ammonia Gas Detection Monitoring

Ammonia is a well-known chemical used in household products, fertilizers and commercial and industrial refrigeration. While the chemical is widely distributed and commonly used, it can be very dangerous. Ammonia has a pungent order, highly reactive and corrosive. In its state of gas, ammonia has a lower density than air and is also flammable above 15% by volume. 

Colorless in its gaseous state, the chemical can cause serious damage to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require safety and risk management programs for companies that have ammonia onsite above 10,000 pounds.

Most of the ammonia used is for fertilizer production and crop application. The direct application includes nitrate and phosphate fertilizers, which are distributed in granular form to be applied to crops. Mixed with water, the chemical binds to clay and organic matter. 

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is a method of reducing nitrogen oxide for compliance with EPA standards in power plants. The gas is distributed ahead of a catalyst bed and reacts with various nitrogen oxides. The ammonia is stored and pumped to vaporizers to become pressurized for spraying. 

For industrial and commercial applications, ammonia is used for refrigeration due to its low cost and high energy efficiency. It also has a negligible environmental impact. Food and beverage applications use it in large amounts for mass storage, but require leak detection to protect workers in those facilities and neighborhoods from a toxic gas release. 

To monitor ammonia in its various applications and industries, Gastronics offers solutions for companies to implement in their sites and facilities. Gastronics, Inc. began in 1997 developing combustible and toxic gas monitors and licensed radio telemetry systems for industry. With over 20 years of experience, our experts provide companies gas detection and telemetry solutions fitting all their needs. To view our products, click here. For more information about solutions for ammonia leaks, click here. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our specialists, contact us today!

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