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Telemetry and Its Importance

Telemetry is the gathering of data or measurements at remote points and the automatic transmission to receiving equipment for monitoring. A site-based telemetry system performs continuous monitoring of all gases. Giving gas distributors access to gas levels, tank pressure, and line pressure at user locations via the Internet or cloud-based system, telemetry centralizes reports, information, management tools, and more. This allows users to operate more efficiently. 

A telemetry system uses two types of gas level measuring devices that can monitor nearly any gas supply type or size. Generally, the system can be installed anywhere regardless of where the supply is located. Through the system, the employee receives an accurate measurement of the level of the gas supply.

A two-way communication device configures between the sensors and the site-based network. The device powers and controls the sensors and at regular intervals, turns the sensors on, takes readings, then stores and transmits the data to the network. The system will validate the data and process, and insert it into the database. This system also can accommodate wireless technology.

Telemetry systems, more specifically on-site options, have less frequent deliveries with no runouts, accurate and up-to-date measurements, reduces downtime while optimizing resources and more. The tank and line pressure readings allow the system to notify users of troubleshooting capabilities as well as integrate forecasting and scheduling tools. Another perk of telemetry systems is they do not require advanced software or an IS department to maintain the system, allowing users to be fully encompassed in the system and better manage the assets of the site. 

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