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The MPS Gas Detector for Combustible Gases

The MPS Gas Detector by Gastronics, Inc. is the next generation of gas detection and quantification for worker safety and leak detection in drilling, transportation, and production of oil and gas and chemical products. The smart sensor technology, with built-in environmental compensation for temperature, pressure, and humidity can detect and quantify most hydrocarbon gases. Gas concentration readings are accurate across the full environmental range including rapid environmental transients, delivering best-in-class accuracy with no false positives.

The MPS Gas Detector is constructed with the Molecular Property Spectrometer gas sensor which simultaneously monitors multiple gases with a single sensor providing a quick and accurate indication of the level of combustible gases faster than traditional sensors. The MPS sensor can report 0–100% LEL for up to 14 gases (and most other hydrocarbons) with great accuracy: a feature known as ‘TrueLEL™’. In contrast, Pellistor and NDIR sensor technology are only accurate to the one gas they are calibrated to and incidental readings of other gases can be highly misleading.

The device features a graphics OLED display, Bluetooth connectivity, and Hart® compatible. Its durable XP housing is certified for hazardous locations, has a data-logging feature with a real-time clock, and a 30-minute historical graph display. One of the best benefits of the device is its TrueLEL™, allowing readings for multiple flammable gases within a single sensor.  

No calibration is needed during the sensor’s over 5-year life due to its self-monitoring capabilities. The sensor is also immune to poisoning, and the device has no drift, making false alarms a thing of the past. 

Gastronics, Inc. began in 1997 developing combustible and toxic gas monitors and licensed radio telemetry systems for industry. With over 20 years of experience, our experts provide companies gas detection and telemetry solutions fitting all their needs. To view our products, click here. For more information about the MPS gas detector, click here. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our specialists, contact us today!

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