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Prioritizing Safety with Gas Detection

Major issues in health and safety have been a top priority for companies, but took a back seat in 2020 as budgets were stripped, initiatives were placed on hold and layoffs executed to avoid bankruptcy. Yet, research indicates that 2.78 million people still die each year of workplace accidents or conditions resulting in ill-health. 

Protecting workers from hazardous chemicals and substances is worth the cost of equipment on the market, and there are so many solutions on the market helping companies fit their budgets. Money invested in occupational safety has a long-term return of investment as systems may cost more up front, but prevent more money spent on claims and filings if those instruments are not put in place.

Companies are realizing how much safety is becoming a movement throughout the globe. Many believe in focusing on a heavier reliance on people’s expertise and insights, and focus on how work is actually done. This addresses an important question that some put on the back burner: if a company doesn’t have an accident, are they still safe?

Accident prevention is the traditional way of executing safety measures, letting the job find root causes and problems in safety practices. But sticking with finding the cause may only result in a convenient version of the truth. Hence, many EHS directors will tell you that people are the problem after all. Human error ends up often being identified as the root cause of many incidents.

However, Gastronics, Inc. began in 1997 developing combustible and toxic gas monitors and licensed radio telemetry systems for industry. With over 20 years of experience, our experts provide companies gas detection and telemetry solutions fitting all their needs. We assist our customers by finding potential hazardous conditions and offering reliable solutions to ensure all personnel are safe. 

To learn more about the products we offer or for specific solutions in your industry, click here. If you have any questions regarding your gas detection needs or would like to speak with one of our specialists, contact us today!

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