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Model SP2105 Dual ByPass Wet Scrubber Stack Monitor

The monitoring of toxic gases in wet stacks has always been a difficult task, and most Continuous Emissions specialists tend to avoid wet stack monitoring for that very reason. Over the years there have been many devices built, attempting to measure gases as chlorine from a wet scrubber stack, but inevitably end up becoming clogged quickly resulting in zero gas level readings even when there is actual gas being emitted into the atmosphere.

Over a decade ago, Gastronics began exploring how to reliably measure gas from a wet scrubber stack. Unlike the shop-built concepts which could only base their designs on theory, Gastronics was fortunate to have one of our customers let us use their wet chlorine stack to develop on. It took over a year, through much trial and error, to finally develop a basic concept that proved successful. Our goal was to maximize reliability while minimizing maintenance. Although we continually strive for improvement, we believe we have accomplished our objective of providing a product with high reliability and low maintenance.

The Model SP2105 Dual ByPass Wet Scrubber Stack Monitor is designed to eliminate moisture, while rapidly pulling a continual high-speed sample from the top of the stack down through a 1/2” Teflon® tube to the monitor located at ground level in seconds.

The device also features a redundant by-pass for removal of condensed moisture, durable brushless pumps designed for both corrosive liquids and gases, and Teflon® and Kynar® wetted materials (also registered trademarks of DuPoint). There are various sensor types and technologies available with this instrument, such as electrochemical, paper tape and redundant sensors. The SP2105 has the option of a silicone heater for applications that need it. Ensuring high reliability and low maintenance, gases commonly monitored with this device include chlorine, chlorine dioxide, phosgene, and hydrogen sulfide. 

Gastronics, Inc. began in 1997 developing combustible and toxic gas monitors and licensed radio telemetry systems for industry. With over 20 years of experience, our experts provide companies gas detection and telemetry solutions fitting all their needs. To view our products, click here. For more information about the Model SP2105 Dual ByPass Wet Scrubber Stack Monitor, click here. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our specialists, contact us today! 

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