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 Solar Backup Power System Setup

The TW-XP-SLB2 battery/charger station, an essential component of the Gastronics’ TW-XP-SLX Solar Backup Power System solves the problem of providing a 12/24 VDC Solar Supply in a Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Location. Choose from Gastronics TW-XP-SLXII (36A) and TW-XP-SLXM (13A) Solar Packages to support both fixed and deployable gas detection and alarms along with other devices in hazardous locations.


The TW-XP-SLB2 is composed of a heavy gauge lightweight aluminum welded seam construction with a dual compartment to separate the solar regulator electronics from the battery. With a Hi Temp UL50 Gasket and NEMA-3R weather rating, the TW-SLB2 is ideal for outdoor use. Operating temperature ranges from -40 to +60C.


Paired with a Class I, Division 2 Solar Panel, the TW-XP-SLX system allows your gas sensors to work wirelessly in remote locations where local power is not available. When coupled with Gastronics retractable tripod system, portability and deployment is quick and easy.  

SunSaver Benefits

The SunSaver 6L PV Controller is known for its excellent performance in the oil and gas industry, as well as, other harsh environments. It’s equipped with corrosion-resistant terminals and a self-diagnostics monitor. It is built with an aluminum cover to provide thermal management, eliminating the need for a cooling fan. This SunSaver model also features load control to protect your battery from voltage dipping too low and damaging it.

Where to Use It 

This solar-powered battery system is Class 1, Division 2 approved for Hazardous locations for groups A (acetylene), B (hydrogen), C (ethylene and carbon monoxide), and D (propane, gasoline, naphtha, benzene, butane, ethyl alcohol, acetone, and methane). It is also NEMA-3R approved for outdoor use. It’s a perfect solution when the work environment is remote locations with little to no power accessibility. 

For work environments such as:

  • Pipelines
  • Tank Farms
  • Storage Facilities
  • Oil and Gas Fields
  • Landfills
  • Waste Stations
  • Construction Sites
  • Water Treatment Plants 

To learn more about the TW-XP-SLB2 Solar Power Battery Backup and how it can integrate into your systems, contact us through our website here or give us a call at (216) 662-4899. 

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